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Anna Nishikinomiya is a main character in the series Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist



Anna is an extremely beautiful and attractive clear-skinned girl with silver hair, teal-blue eyes and large breasts.

She is most often shown wearing her school uniform and wearing a necklace with a pendant resembling a snowflake. She also has formal and casual outfits as well.


Anna is a responsible person and student council president. Despite her status, she has been shown to be quite naive and clueless when it comes to lewd materials, due. However, when it comes to Tanukichi Okuma, after they accidentally share a first kiss, she attempts to collect his "love nectar", which is shown throughout the series progressively.

She can be very obsessive over him at times, which is also shown a lot throughout the series. She claims that this obsession is love, and that everything committed out of love is an act of justice. Ayame points out that, in reality, Anna may not be capable of distinguishing between love and lust.

Physical ability[]

Anna seems to have incredibly agile fighting techniques which can be shown whilst chasing after Blue Snow/Tundra and Tanukichi Okuma. She is shown to be incredibly strong in multiple episodes, can climb along cables, and survive a drop from a cable car. She can also deliver a kick that can stop any person running towards her.

Her most signature trait is her ability to secrete an insane amount of female ejaculate. This happens when she is under any form of sexual arousal, and when she is, she releases this fluid at inhumane levels. She has been known to secrete enough to leave behind a subtle taste in cookies mixed with this liquid, and oddly enough, can fill a bottle completely. She seems to suffer no side effects to this.

Yandere Actions[]

Her Yandere personality is used in a comedic manner fitting with the series genre. And is split into a violent and lusting sides.

The violent side of her personality is first shown when she held Ayame Kajou with scissors to her throat when she noticed how much time Ayame and Tanukichi spent together. As well as when she breaks in into Tanukichi's apartment and saw Kosuri Onigashira sleeping next to Tanukichi, she stabbed a knife multiple times "five finger fillet" style around Kosuri.

The lusting side shown through a number of attempted rapes of Tanukichi, and her over flowing "love nectar" when he is around.


"Why does my body feel so hot?" - Anna after kissing Tanukichi Okuma by accident and she begins to lust after him.

"After all, this is love." - After trying to stab Kosuri Onigashira.